What's New - December 22, 2011

It's Been a Busy 2011. If I have not responded to your email - try again!

My new situation in Brighton has developed very well. I am getting involved with community activities such as the Library Board and working towards an Archive. Also, I am a member of the Brighton Arts Council and have been able to set up my booth and display my boards at numerous events in the past year. In addition, there have been several speaking engagements where I could expound on my genealogy or local history. Lot's of fun! Unfortunately, with all that other stuff going on, I have had less time to spend of genealogy. And my InBox reflects that. I hope to work at cleaning up back email over the next months - but it's a slow process. Please, if you sent me email a while ago and I did not respond, send it again! Thanks for your patience.

Topics of Recent Genealogy Research


A local contact asked about the Stephens family in Seymour Township, out around Burnbrae and English Line. I had some of them in the data due to connections already there but had no idea how extensive this name would be in that area. There are a lot more Stephens records in there now. This was great because it allowed me to make many connections to well-known names in the area. Feel free to add to the info if you like. /p>


A local contact asked my about a particular Beatty family that settled in Hope Township. There are several families by this name and various spellings in the area (in Cobourg, Haldimand) but I was interest in this one in Hope Twp. You can see there is more detail. Feel free to add to it if you can.


There have been several spells of work on this name due to connections with other early settler families around Haldimand Township. Co-incidentally, I had two separate contacts re this family around the same time and it spurred me to look more closely. There are some more connections but much to be done. I'd really like to get the land records at the Cobourg Archives for this family - when time allows. Please help with this if you can.

Ames Reunion in Manitoba

One of the most enjoyable events I participated in during the last year was an Ames family reunion in Manitoba. These Ames folks are descendants of Joseph Ames, one son of the early settler Ames family that came to Mount Olivet in 1850 from Waupoos Island in Prince Edward County. Joseph moved to the Riding Mountain area northwest of Winnipeg just before 1900 and the two groups lost touch with each other. As a result of my early research I visited with them in 2005 but this time I caught wind of a renunion they were planning on Labour Day weekend. I took my information and did a gab session in the back room of a local Legion Hall with a couple dozen people milling about. Several of the ladies sat down and wrote names and dates in the trees to fill in my information. It was altogether a great experience. Thanks all, for a good time!

What's New - August 28, 2011

Topics of Recent Genealogy Research


In recent months there has been a focus on Presqu'ile history and several family trees came to my attention in tha context. Thomas and Ezekiel Jobes came to Presqu'ile in the 1850's, apparently from the Kingston area, and first appear in the 1861 Census. They are two of the names on the 1869 map of land owners on Presqu'ile that is in the book about Presqu'ile written in 1994 by Susan Brose and Bonnie Browne. The book is out of print but recently scanned so easy to use for research.


The Craig family is a large and well known family who lived on Presqu'ile. William Cragg (later Craig) came to the Brighton area in the 1840's. His name is shown in the 1848 Census at Concession 1, Lot 1, Cramahe Township, which would later be the south part of Brighton Village. William Cragg and his son George are shown in the 1869 map of Presqu'ile land owners and both are buried in Woods Cemetery, up on Number 2 Highway west of Brighton.


On a hot Saturday in July a gentleman stopped at our booth on Main Street in Brighton, mentioning that he lived in "The Richardson House". That point in itself generated some discussion because James Richardson was one of the first land owners where Brighton Village would form. However, another topic of interest was the fact that this gentleman was a member of the U.E.L. Lloyd family, well known to the east around Napanee and Fredericksburgh Township. Needless to say, this generated a significant amount of research work over the period of a couple of weeks and the result is a much more comprehensive accounting of the Lloyd families in Lennox & Addington, Hastings, Prince Edward and Northumberland Counties. As always, it's just a start, but it does bring together many floating families in my database from other research work. More needs to be done with this and don't hesitate to send details if you like.


An email contact suggested that something might be wrong with data for one of the Russ families, namely Harrison Russ (1848-1906). His parentage was in question so I took good information from the contact and dug some more in the usual places and came up with what appears to be a better tree. This family was in Haldimand, north and east towards Castleton, and figure large in the early settler connections in that area. A fix like this is always good. Don't hesitate to let me know if you think I have something wrong. Nothing is written in stone!

What's New - April 23, 2011

Very Quick Republishing

Normally it would be three or four months between publishing but this time I decided to publish again after a month. The event that precipitated the early publishing was a speaking engagement at Warkworth on April 25. I did a lot of work on the Percy Road story, the topic that night, so there was a new version of that piece. Also, there were some family histories that were updated to some degree in this context, most obvious being Brunson. The Weatherup information was there and ready to be seen online as well. We should not expect republishing every month - it takes too much time. However, this was worth the effort considering the context.

Topics of Recent Genealogy Research


The name Brunson is very evident in early Percy Township Census records. Barnabus Brunson was one of the first few people in Percy before 1800. Further work on this name showed that there were also at least two other guys of that name in Percy at the same time. Most imporant was Amasa Bronson (spelled this way for most non-Percy records) who is living close to Barnabus in those earliest years but who left and went back to Connecticut at an early date. It's also clear that the Barnabus Brunson/Bronson that is seen after 1850 in Seymour is a grandson of the first Barnabus and not a son. He is likely a son of Orsamas - but that remains uncertain. This new work allowed me to make more contacts with other local families, in particular a marriage with Margaret Bound of Cramahe. The move of some later Bronson folk to Minnesota is also interesting. Anyone who can add to this information, please feel free.

Weatherup & "Living in Hope"

There is considerable information available now for this Weatherup family. The work on this name originated from a book named "Living In Hope" by Sue Allen, an English authour who writes about women in history. She has ancestry from this Weatherup family and took three women out of the family tree to tell their individual stories. The first story is about the original settlement of Weatherups in Otonobee Twp., Northumberland Co. and the third one is about her immediate ancestry which includes a Weatherup man from Norham who was a World War I soldier who took a war bride in England. It is well done and presents us with an interesting persepective of history from the English standpoint. Sue has done lots of research, similar to what I do to build family trees for treesbydan and she tells the stories with sensitivity and imagination. It's a good read. The book can be ordered from domtom pubishing in the UK - check it out online.

What's New - March 22, 2011

Dan Does Local History

In the History section there are three new items about local history. The Birth of Brighton Township came out of the 160th Birthday Celebrations planned by the Municipality of Brighton. The Timeline and Family Sketches are first installments of these lists which will grow over time as I get time to add to them.

Dan Does History Tours

When the weather improves Dan will be available to conduct his own special History Tour of Brighton Township. Two or three history enthusiasts can come with me in my car for a couple of hours as we tour around Brighton Township, talking about early settlement and development of the community. It starts in Brighton Village, goes to Smithfield, Gosport, Presqu'Ile, then up No. 30 to Hilton, Orland, Codrington and Mount OLivet. How long it takes depends on how much the passengers engage the driver with questions and requests. These are always fun! The tour is free but gas money will be appreciated. Send me an email if you are interested.

Dan Does Speaking Engagements

Dan is available to speak to groups about genealogy and history within a reasonable distance from Brighton. We have done a couple of these already and it seems to work not too bad. Hot topics are the story about The Birth of Brighton Township as well as my web site and how I do all this research. We're flexible. Drop me an email if there is an opportunity.

Topics of Recent Genealogy Research


A recent contact re corrections for a Waite family on the area led to some more work on the name in general. The big problem is that numerous Wait/Waite people came to Haldimand Township and settled near Grafton and then Vernonville very early in the 1800's. We have lots of information regarding later generations but we have little concrete information for the first generation that were born here in the 1800's, 1810's and 1820's. On the other hand, we have lots of early census records for Haldimand and Cramahe, beginning in 1803. It's a difficult process but if we analyse EVERY census record for EVERY Wait/Waite name in Haldimand Township, we can get a better feel for who were the parents of the various sons and daughters born soon after the first settlement. The new information now on the web site for Wait/Waite regarding these Haldimand families is an attempt to marry that early local census information with information available on the web for the Wait/Waite families from Rhode Island, where this group is said to have originated. Anyone who has more definite information is welcome to provide corrections or additions. The goal is simply to improve the informaiton and make it available to all who are interested. Feel free to contribute.


The book Pioneer Life on the Bay of Quinte has a section on page 694-6 regarding Daniel Reynolds, a very early settler near Wellington, Hillier Township, Prince Edward County. It says he went back to Albany to bring back a young wife named Nancy Waite. My data already included a son, Benjamin Reynolds, but the other connections had to be built. In the process, a good deal more Reynolds information was added but another Reynolds family came to the surface in Hallowell Township, of which I already had a son, Joseph. In fact, there appear to be several brothers but no info re parents. They were born in New Brunswick and most of their later generations moved out of the area. Anyone who can help with this Reynolds group, please feel free.


We had a Jones section in here last time and there was some carry-over from that work in a slightly different area. There was a Jacob Jones in Cramahe and Brighton Townships and he had two wives, Sabrina Yager and Margaret Dingman. An email connection provided some information and motivation to fill out one of the yournger sons of this latter couple, David Nelson Jones. In the process, the Jones info was improved in several areas. The conclusion seems to be that there were two different Robert Jones' in the Hillier area in early days. More work on this group is in order.


An email came from a researcher connected to the Tyler family that lived near Orland in the late 1800's. The name of interest was Philander Tyler and there is considerable information about him. He married Melinda Chatterson, a daughter of David Chatterson and Elizabeth Windover. I have seen info on 8 kids. There are several points of interest here. First, there are other Tylers that are shown to have lived early on in Prince Edward County, as Philander did, and there is the name Russell Tyer suggested as an earlier generation but the parentage of the various Tylers is not certain, as far as info I have seen so far. Second, we have a good connection with the significant Chatterson familty that is well known around Hilton and which came early in the 1800's from Richmond Township, Lennox & Addington County. Always good to add better info for that name. Third, as I did the Tyler family, it became clear that they had close ties to the Windover and Whitney families up around Codrington and, in fact, several connected families of these names left and went to live in Central Lake, Antrim County, Michigan. It's another example of how, through the 1800's, people migrated in bunches from one community to another, keeping contact with their old home - or sometimes not. This was a good bit of work that brought a lot of info online for families maybe less known but certainly present in the Hilton, Orland and Codrington areas. Anybody who can add to the mix, feel free.