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The History Guy's main web site is There is a link to on the main site or you can go to it directly as always. Also note that the History items that used to be on have been moved to the main site. What's New items before 2017 have been consolidated and are available in the Genealogy section of the main site.

Brighton History Open House 2019

The seventh annual Brighton History Open House will be held at the Brighton Community Centre on Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 from 10 am to 4 pm. The theme this year is Archives of Brighton which means visitors will see all sorts of archived collections and documents that normally are kept behind closed doors.

The Brighton Digital Archives will be front and centre and will feature a theatre where visitors can watch the videos BDA has produced, including the Memory Junction Museum videos and the brand new Rural Roots video series. This is a video version of the Rural Roots show from our 2018 events in which The History Guy presents the history of farming in a different form. See Rural Roots in video for the first time at Open House 2019!

Of course, The History Guy will have extensive displays along with Susan Brose and regulars like Proctor House and the Women's Institute. Oh, yes, visitors will be able to enjoy the Heritage Tea provided by the two WI's. This event is always lots of fun, as well as providing good opportunities for learning about local history. Hope to see you there!

Books by The History Guy

"Murder in the Family: The Dr. King Story", published July 25, 2015 by Dundurn Press

"38 Hours To Montreal: William Weller and The Governor General's Race of 1840", released June 30, 2018, self-published and produced by Friesenpress, Vancouver.

Check my main web site for details re the books and related activities.

Guest Speaker

The History Guy is available to be a guest speaker at your event any time and any place. Check out the main web site for more info.

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