What's New - October 16, 2017

FYI - Techie Stuff

Some serious maintenance was done on my collection of pictures of grave stones (around 4,000)and the links to them from the records of individual people. Over 15 years of developing methods and procedures, some standardization of file names was required as well as a change in the method of storing them in the system. I expect this is not interesting to most folks but I mention it because this work should improve the integrity of TreesByDan in terms of users actually being able to see the memorial pictures that are there. The links were getting shaky over the years and some were not coming up - but now they should be much more reliable.

Genealaogy Stuff

German's Landing

Recently, a fellow-historian asked about a place called German's Landing and I could not help at all until I went looking. This place is on the south shore of the Trent River just west of Glen Ross, more or less north of Frankford. By coincidence, there was a section in my June 2017 What's New about the Anderson family in Murray Township. It is the same area in the far north east corner of Murray Township where the Anderson family was concentrated.

German's Landing is shown in the Beldon County Atlas Map with a distinct black dot indicating a structure, maybe a saw mill. There is a good road angled into the place from the concession road to the south. My feeling is that this was a major spot for bringing logs to the river and floating them down to Gilmore's inTrenton or other mills. Today it is a sleepy cottage boat launch area, a lovely spot to relax and get away from it all.

In 1878 the land at German's Landing is shown to be owned by the Chadsey Estate which refers to the family down near Hillier where one of the popular wineries is today - the one with the Chadsey Cemetery in the front yard. The lot immediately west is owned by W H German, a son of Jacob German from the same area of The County as the Chadsey's. However, I can only speculate how this place came to be called German's Landing. I expect this was from the early decades - 1830s to 1850s - when it was used for logging. Did members of the German family own it then? If anyone knows anything about German's Landing and how it was used and named, please let me know.