What's New - June 23, 2017

Genealogy - New Developments

Anderson of Murray Township

An email contact kicked off some interesting research work on the various Anderson families that lived in the northeast corner of Murray Township, Northumberland County as well as the nearby parts of Sidney and Belmont Townships, around the town of Stirling. What is tantilizing is that there are several different families that came to the same place around the same time with the same surname but info I could find does not connect them in earlier generations. They may or may not be connected but common sense suggests there is something to find.

Thomas Anderson married Margaret Varty, the eldest child of Christopher Varty but then we see that Owen Anderson (father Robert) married Lavina Varty, a later daughter of the same Christopher. There is a James Anderson, father Jeremiah, married to Margaret Hough, right in the same area.

One point. I have all the early census records for Murray Township, back to 1803, which were very useful for this Anderson work. Thomas Anderson and James Anderson appear beside each other through the early decades - as if they are brothers. Also, for both of them, there are clearly records in the 1820s for "Jr." for both of them, right together, meaning namesake sons - but I find no info for these two sons other than these early census records. Hmmmmmm.......

In any case, I have put all the info I could find into the database and hope others might be able to fill in more deails. Please fell free to help. Thanks.