What's New - March 3, 2022

Genealogy Stuff

Early Settlers on Presqu'ile Point

Sure, we know a lot about the Gibson and Selleck families, and later arrivals such as the Atkins folks. However, there were lots more. Does anyone recall the name Titus Doolittle? Yes, he and his family were on Presqu'ile Point from about 1818, and stayed there through the time that Newcastle moved across the bay. Let's also consider the Owens and Milligan families. Sound familiar? You bet! Places on the point have been named for them over the years. As part of the extensive work Susan Brose is doing related to cottages and cottagers on Presqu'ile, I went back and dug into documents for the people who were there in early times and have been largely forgotten. See the new data for these families in the current update. More to come.

Hanthorn - not just Carrying Place

Another researcher brought this name to my attention and it became clear that it linked into the well-known Hanthorn Motors of Carrying Place. But that's not all. Early on, they were south of Rice Lake and then over at Coe Hill, and then down to Carrying Place. Others of the clan spread around and linked with many early families of Alnwick Township and area. Lots to see here.

Clark - North of Codrington

My old stomping grounds at Codrington came to the surface with some work on the Clark family. A researcher got me interested with some good new info and I was able to add memorials from the old Clark Burying Ground on No. 30 near McCann Road. Lots of details for the whole clan were added to improve the tree a good deal.


A friend sent me a copy of an 1870s auction poster that related to Brighton and the result was a new name and some good connections to established people. Mr. Harries came from England and was very active in mills and real estate and was even post master for a time. Not a large family, but good new stuff in the database. Thanks for the poster!