What's New - January 2021

Genealaogy Stuff

Tobey Family

In preparation for a virtual history talk on The Tobey Book, it was neccessary to update the history for the broader Tobey family. In the process I learned the proper context for the Tobey family that settled north of Brighton in the 1860s, which included Maxwell Tobey, the primary researcher for the Tobey Book, as well as the current Tobey family of Brighton that was from another branch of the group that came to Prince Edward County. It is interesting to note that the initial settler, John Tobey, gained his UEL status from marrying into the Van Dusen family. Much better info across this family can now be found in my database. Help out if you can.


A researcher for the name Stanton sent a request re Frank Stanton who was said to be a cooper in Brighton during the booming apple exporting period in the early 1900s. We have a picture of him standing in front of a cooperage but I did not have a full complement of info for him or his family. With help from the researcher, I learned about Frank Stanton's father who was a Home Child in this area as a youngster and then came back to settle here after being married. As usual, a wide improvement in info for this and related names resulted from this interesting project. Add to it if you can.

Youngs of the Stinson Block

A research project took me to the Stinson Block which is south and west of Consecon in Prince Edward County, along the lake shore just below Weller's Bay. I needed to straighten out the Young and Arthur and Robinson families there in order to bring them forward into more recent times. In particular, Robert Young, the very early settler at Carrying Place is much more complete now, along with his descendants. More can always be done; don't hesitate to send info if you wish.

Who Was Edward Goodyear?

On February 10 I gave a virtual presentation hosted by Brighton Public Library called "The Tobey Book: A Window on Brighton History". One of the topics I included was the search to find out who Edward Goodyear might be. The name is mentioned in various items in the Tobey Book, so, along with other sources, I eventually succeeded in learning about him. He was mentoned in very early land records on land that would later make up the centre of Brighton village, but he is totally unknown in local history. After some intense searching for a link to his family from Connecticut, I was able to link him into my database and include a full complement of information about him. We know a lot about folks who came early and stayed, but we often miss the early settlers who did not leave much evidence for later generations. I'm still looking for info re his second family here in Cramahe Township in the 1810s and 1820s. Help if you can.