What's New - November 2020

Genealaogy Stuff

David Palmer (1748-c1810)

A researcher brought it to my attention that the parents of David Palmer were incorrect. On investigating, it was clear that this was right and that there were duelling trees in ancestry.ca on this topic. Documentaiton clearly suggests his father was Abraham, and I was able to then build out this Palmer tree to a much greater extent. This is great because it focussed my attention on early Belleville history and people. More to come re this.

William Bell (1757-183)

During the work on David Palmer, I was reminded that I had no family info re the William Bell that is so often mentioned in early Belleville history. It took some time and effort, but I was able to find a tree on ancestry.ca for him and his family is now reflected in my data. This guy was one fo the first merchants on the front of Sidney and Thurlow, first in the area of today's Bayside and then at the mouth of the Moira River. He was a real mover-and-shaker along with others, to establish this community. Check it out and help add more if you can.

Henry Ruttan of Cobourg

A new project has me looking deeply at the early settlers in Hamilton Township and the early develpment of Cobourg. One of the key figures in that area was Henry Ruttan. I already had lots of data re the very large Ruttan family but realized it was weak for this guy's ancestry. That problem has now been resolved and there is lots of new info re Henry Ruttan in particular. He was into everything, it seems, and deserves some attention. Feel free to send me more info re this.

Keeping Up With the Jones'

A contact re someone I recall from school sent me on a binge of Jones research. This is not hard to do because there are so many different lines in the same community and so many people involved. The big problem for researchers is to separate the families properly and make sure the right person goes into the right family group. In the Brighton area, there are several Jones lines that go back to early settler times, and much of that is better represented in my data now. Always lots more to do here.