What's New - September 12, 2019

Third Book Coming!!

My focus for the last seveal months has been to write the story of H.M.S. Speedy, which will be my third book. I can say that, as of the end of August, there is a first draft. Certainly, there is lots to do until it comes out, likely later in 2020, but it is in progress. Keep an eye on my main web site for info.

Word on the Street, Toronto, 2019

If you make it to Word on the Street in Toronto, on September 22, 2019, please stop by booth 121C, east of Harbourfront, north of the Theatre, and say Hi!


Applefest 2019 will bring crowds of people to Brighton and The History Guy will be in front of 86 Main Street during the Street Fair on Saturday, the 28th of September. Hope to see you there!

Genealaogy Stuff

Families Related to Speedy Story

During the writing of the Speedy story, a lot more work was done on family trees for people included in the story. A comprehensive list is not feasible here, but we can inlcude the names Selleck, Paxton, Fisk, Stegmann, Gray, Macdonell, ... and more.

Ralph Bangay of Brighton

This year Brighton lost a key figure of the community. Ralph Bangay passed away on July 10, 2019, at the age of 93. Ralph and his wife Eugenia were the owner/operators of Memory Junction Museum in Brighton, since the 1990s. Ralph's contributuon to making Brighton a desitnation for the whole province was immense, and we will miss him a lot. Condolences to the family. Some of Ralph's family info has been added to Treesbydan.

Book re Cramahe History

A book has been written by William Metcalf, who grew up in Cramahe Township but moved to Australia five decades ago. The book is called "Toil, Travel, Tragedy, Triumph". It has limited availability, but you can read up on it at Colborne Public Library or see https://www.cramahenow.com/?p=13011