What's New - May 6, 2018

Changes in Web Sites

My primary web site www.danbuchananhistoryguy.com has been significantly upgraded, modernized and enhanced in light of the publishing of my second book "38 Hours to Montreal" in June 2018. One change in Treesbydan re this is the removal of the History section which has been added to my main site. We will see if other changes come later but that is all for now. My genealogy site will remain the same in form and function for the foreseeable future.

Genealaogy Stuff

The MacKechnie Families

An email contact sent me corrections and additions re the McKechnie family that is connected to William Weller of Cobourg - his second wife was Margaret McKechnie. However, the primary info provided was about the MacKechnie family, partly in Cobourg but also partly in Brighton. It drew my attention to Capt. Charles Grant MacKechnie and his family which was a ficture in Brighton from the 1860s through the 1910s. They had a farm south and east of Brighton (which I pass routinely on my bike ride to Murray Canal) and their later home in Brighton which is just down street from my home. Feel free to comment on this or send me further info. Thanks.

Cyras Potter and Family

An email regarding Cyrus Potter of Cramahe Township triggered some research with positive results. On his memorial it says clearly Cyras Potter so that is what I am using. He came to Cramahe Twp. as early as 1810, married a Mary ? and had quite a family. Much later, he married a Windover. This has filled in a good section of local family history. Feel free to comment or send additional info. Thanks.