What's New - May 11, 2016

What's New With DAN??

Dan has RETIRED!

Yup. As of April 1, 2016, I am retired from my IT Consulting practice in Toronto. Well, almost totally retired - I will be on retainer for a few months in order to help the folks who are taking over support of the law firm. It's called "Knowledge Transfer".

After a month and a bit, I am extremely happy to be moving on to the next phase of my life. It seems very weird sometimes, especially when I get up in the morning and .... that big gorilla that was always right there in my face - has taken up residence elsewhere. Good riddance!!

Now I should be able to spend a lot more time on what I love to do - history and genealogy.

Dan Has MOVED!

YUP! The nice big townhome at 12 chapel Street has been sold and I have moved into a 2-bedroom apartment on Oliphant Street, just a few streets over, still in the middle of Brighton.

It may seem strange to some but I became convinced that the large space was simply there to waste my time and fill up with stuff. In my retirement I want to focus very much on writing more books and I felt I needed to downsize in many ways to make that happen. Downsizing it was, on a major scale (for me) and now that it is done, I feel much more comfortable. Took all my books, a little of my furniture and none of the grass. I'm happy!

Genealogy - New Developments

James Cumming & John V. Murphy - Trenton

An email contact provided lots of information and good motivation to develop trees for these fellows who llived in Trenton, Ontario. Even better, once I got into it, I realized that the families are connected to my own family tree! Small world.

James Cumming (specifically this spelling, consistently across documents for this family) was born in Scotland in 1816, married Margaret Amelia Wragg of Carrying Place in 1850 and died in Trenton in 1873. He was a prominet mill operator at Trent Port as Trenton was called then and was involved in many developments related to facilities along the Trent River. I hope to look into that further at some point.

After James Cumming died in 1873, Amelia married Daniel Ridgeway Murphy. son of John V. Murphy and Ann Ridgeway Bonter. John Murphy;s family can be seen in Murray Twp. and then in Trenton where he was a merchant.

Descendants of this group can also say they are connected to Hon. Robert Charles Wilkins, early trader at Carrying Place along with Asa Weller. Margaret Amelia Wragg was a daughter of Thomas Busby Wragg and Mary Ann Wilkins, a daughter of R. C. Wilkins.

My family connection is that Margaret Amelia Wragg's older brother, Thomas Busby Wragg, Jr., married Amelia Emily Stuart of Carrying Place and she was a sister of Elizabeth Stuart who married John Buchanan, the paternal grandfather of my father, Rev. Charles Buchanan.

The above is reflected in the data now and I would appreciate any additional info anyone might have re these families.