What's New - January 3, 2016

Genealogy - New Developments

William Weller

The last half of 2015 was stuffed with activity related to the publishing of my first book "Murder in the Family: The Dr,. King Story". While there are occassional book events coming up in 2016, my attentions are directed elsewhere. In the process of planning for a second possible book, I have done a bunch of work on the family tree of William Weller who was the first Mayor of Cobourg and the "Stagecoach King" of Upper Canada before the railways came and took the business away.

The new information I have collected for this family is available with this publishing so others can see what I have found. I am always assuming that someone out there has done work closer to this subject than I and might help with some of the details. The information I have now is based on online research and I am much anticipating direct access to things like the newspapers and legal documents of the time. That will hopefully come later in 2016.

In particular, there remains the problem of who, exactly, were William Weller's parents? A Quit Claim document in the Cobourg Public Library collection says that his father is David Weller. However, looking at the David Weller that some folks have as his father, I see that this is impossible since William Weller was born in 1799 and that David died a few years before in old age. So, WHICH David Weller is it?

As you can see, I have constructed a David Weller as William Weller's father but with an unknown mother. Who was his mother? Anyone know? I have not seen that yet. Three census records match with the family of this David Weller, taking the family from Hinesburgh, Vermont to Canton, Saint Lawurence County, New York. From there William Weller is said to have moved (possibly with his father) to Prescott, Ontario, then to Toronto and by 1830 to Cobourg. But I find very little other supprt for this David Weller in other sources.

Stories about William Weller repeat that he is supposed to have had 22 children, 11 by each of two wives. I have 13 documented so far and would love to find the rest. They may be earlier in his life, in the 1820s, so harder to track, the daughters in particular. However, if anyone knows about more of his kids, please let me know.

Documents show us that William Weller had a sister, Laurene who married Linus Munson and then, after he died, brought the family to Cobourg in the 1850s. Also, the Quit Claim mentioned earlier was with a Richard Weller of Hinesburgh, Vermont, which I thought might be a brother but appears to be a cousin, a son of Nathan Weller and Rhoda Weller. Yes, it gets complicated.

I will be pursuing this problem vigorously in the next months as time permits. This William Weller was an extremely important figure in the decades of the 1830s, 1840s and 1850s in Cobourg certainly, but also in Upper Canada and it would be great to solidify his lineage. As always, any help is much appreciated