What's New - September 20, 2015

Genealogy - New Developments

Not Much Genealogy!

The main development since the last publishing in March 2015 is that my book "Murder in the Family: The Dr. King Story" was published July 25 and there has been a lot of activity related to that. The book is selling well and many events have been held to promote the book, sell books directly and tell the story. This activity has also increased my invitations to speak on other topics as well and so the speaking activity ramps up too.

Unfortunately, when this good stuff happens, I don't have much time for genealogy. There have been a few things but small in nature. In fact, I welcome email about family tree issues as a distraction from the focus on the book and all that. I can say that I use genealogy as therapy. At tense, tired moments, I call up the database and get into ancestry.com and flood my mind for a few hours with census records and marriage registrations. Works wonders!


An email contact provided information that allowed me to correct a mistake related to the Mitchell family of Warkworth. Samuel Mitchell is the patriarch of that family and he came from Emily Twp., Victoria County, settling in Cramahe Twp. One of this sons, John Fletcher Mitchell, married one Sarah A. H. Mitchell, from another Mitchell family in the Emily Twp. area. Now I have that correctly records.

I am interested in this Mitchell family because a younger brother of John Fletcher Mitchell, Edwin, married Gertrude Buchanan, an aunt of my father, Rev. Charles Buchanan. It's always a good thing when we can correct the way we display info re connecting families. Thanks for the input!