What's New - March 5, 2015

Genealogy - New Developments

Cottagers at Presqu'ile Point

During research for our History Open House 2015 theme of Dance Hall Daze many family names came up that are linked to the many cottages that existed on Presqu'ile Point from the early 1900s. On further investigation I was able to connect some of them to Brighton families already in my database. Here are a few of them.


The McCallum's were a Toronto family who took to cottaging at Presqu'ile in the early 1900s and ended up with several family connections that are worth mentioning.

William McCallum married Mabel Dulmage of Warkworth and he became a partner with Grant Quick of Gosport to build his "Pleasure Palace", a dance pavilion, near Peter Covell's Hotel Presqu'ile in 1913.

Nancy McCallum, sister of William, married Frank Boag who was the contractor for the Pleasure Palace as well as the major expansion of Presqu'ile Hotel in 1922 (after Grant Quick had purchase the hotel from Peter Covell in 1914).

Carrie McCallum, sister of William and Nancy, married Joseph Boag, a brother of Frank Boag.

Georgina Irena "Rene" McCallum, sister of William, Nancy and Carrie, married John Dickson and she later was know as Rene, in charge of the White House in Brighton for many years.


The family of Clayton Solmes were cottagers at Presqu'ile from the 1920s. Clayton was born in Sophiasburgh Township and the Solmes family goes back to Nathaniel Solmes who was the U.E.L. who moved to Prince Edward County around 1790. Clayton Solmes' daughter Betty (Solmes) Weber told of her experiences at Presqu'ile Pavilion in the early 1940s.