What's New - June 28, 2014

The Dr. King Story

My first presentation of The Dr. King Story was on the Thursday night of the History Open House in February 2014. There was a really good crowd and they went away entertained and enlightened. Sure, it is a sordid murder story, but it is so interesting in its personalities, twists of plot and drama. Believe it or not, this Computer Geek can tell history stories! Or so I am told.

Since the first presentation, I have given the full 2 hour story at Hilton Hall Heritage Centre and plan to do it again. On the other hand, Probus Clubs are proving to be a great venu for The Dr. King Story. I have created a 50 minute version to fit into the Probus Meeting context. Even though it was tough to pare it down, and miss all those fascinating details, the shorter version still has the basic story and it is fun and engergetic. At one place I was told afterward that NOBODY was looking over at the lunch counter until after I was done - a fine testament in the circumstances.

Please feel free to pass it around that Dan Buchanan will present The Dr. King Story at your meeting or event. Anywhere! Anytime!

Hilton Hall Heritage Centre

In the fall of 2013 Brighton Municipal Council agreed to let the Brighton Heritage Advisory Committee utilize the old Hilton Township Hall as a Heritage Centre. Friends of Hilton Hall was formed in the spring of 2014, with me (Dan Buchanan) as Chair, Dot Connolly as Secretary and several others from the area adding to the mix. We are developing programming of various types for 2014 and hopefully there will be enough momentum to continue in 2015. We have already had some Women's Institute Meetings there as well as very productive seminar by The County Archivist regarding the archiving of old documents.

On August 13 we will hold "Brainstorming for HOH 2015" with a barbeque afterwards. We want to start planning for History Open House 2015 by establishing a theme and some potential displays to support the theme. Brighton Rotary Club is cooking the burgers.

Genealogy - New Developments

Rowe & Roblin

A discussion with a local resident pointed me in the direction of one Benjamin Rowe (1794-1844) who lived in Sophiasburgh Twp., Prince Edward County from as early as 1791. There are several Benjamin Rowe's but this is the one I dealt with at this time. There is a connection to the Roblin families who connect to Valleau and lived in the town of Brighton through the last part of the 1800s and up to now. Feel free to help out with this if you like.


An email contact passed some information about the several Honey families in the area of Cramahe, Percy, Brighton, Haldimand Townships and I spent some time pulling most of them together. There are at least 4 families that came from England, mostly from Cornwall. The one around Morganston was my focus but I had to do enough to separate the various families from each other. Would love to obtain more information about these families, especially there earlier families.