What's New - December 19, 2021

Genealogy Stuff

Presqu'ile History

In the process of preparing for some new presentations, I have re-visited family tree data for several families related to Presqu'ile Point. This deals mainly with Gibson, Selleck and Wellington who were directly involved in the early history of Newcastle on Presqu'ile Point, but also the Atkins family who were the last farmers on the point before the government established Presqu'ile Provincial park in the 1950s.

Gibson & Jamieson

A completely separate issue came up related to a neighbour family of mine at Codrington, the Jamiesons. A contact from that family led to some major improvement in my data for the connected Gibson tree (yes, right back to George of Speedy fame) as well as the Jamieson tree and related folks. This was a great addition to the info and I am grateful for the contact.

Henry Levesconte of Seymour Twp.

A small but fascinating bit of research was done on a particular British Naval veteran who settled in Seymour Township, Northumberland County in the 1830s. Henry Levesconte was one of several military men who retired on half pay and received grants of land in Seymour, mostly to the east of the town of Campbellford. The spelling of the name evolved from the full French form of Le Vesconte to the more anglicized Levesconte, which is tricky for researchers. Looking at this small group demonstrates how effective the land grant system was in distributing wealth around a community. Check out the land registry records included with the info for this family. Please provide details if you can.