What's New - January 2020

Third Book Coming!!

My third book will be released in June 2020. It will be called "HMS Speedy: The Tragedy and the Mystery of the Final Voyage". At this point (January 2020) editing is in full swing and the publisher is ramping up. There will be lots of events around this book release, and media will be very active in the months before release and during the summer. It's going to be really fun!! More to come ...

Genealaogy Stuff

Dr. A. E. Fife of Brighton

A contact through BDA led to info re Dr. Fife and the end result was that I was able to link him into my database through a marriage connection with one of his sons. Dr. Fife had a medical practice in Brighton from 1852 to 1885 and was able to build a substantial home at 200 Main Steet which is now one of our heritage homes, called, fittingly, Fife House. An interesting sideline is the history of one son who moved to BC and was involved in the early days of a small community that would become part of Vancouver. Delightful stuff! You never know where these things will go. Thanks BDA!

The Butler Family of Brighton

One day I dropped into Lighthouse Books, our favourite independent book store on Main Street in Brighton. I hardly got inside the door before a lady asked me about Butler House, which is 103 Main Street. This question led to some intensive research into the land records, family history and local business history for the Butler Family. The result is a firm idea of why it is called Butler House and which people, exactly, were involved and when. It also touched on some of the most familiar businesses in Brighton history. For a curious history geek, a question like this can be a trigger for much welcome discovery. See the details under William Butler, then his son, W. C. Buttler and then his son M. L. Butler in the updated database.