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What's New - December 21, 2008

Unexpected Holiday

In November and December of this year I experienced some health issues that relegated genealogy to the back burner. On November 25 I underwent surgery to remove my prostate. It was totally successful and I have a clean bill of health as a result; no worries! Over the last couple of weeks I have been recovering at home and that has gone amazingly well with improvements every day and no problems to speak of. I won't be back to work full time until after the New Year but I am taking advantage of my returning energy levels and lots of time to clean up my InBox and publish according to my earlier plans.

Info Added Recently


We don't have to do much research work in Percy Township and area before we come across the name Humprhies. A group of Humphries were instrumental in the development of Warkworth and area. I'm not sure why, exactly, but at some point I was reminded that there were several Humphries "floating" in my database, so I resolved to deal with that. The extent of the family trees that resulted was very interesting and the work helped to improve much info for the area. Anyone who is knowledgeable of this name in this area is welcome to send info.


From a young age I knew of Ewing's in the Warkworth area, since Dad would often mention the name when we were driving between Warkworth and Hastings, going past the Ewing homestead. Harry Ewing was a great friend of my Dad's and I knew of him as Principal of ENSS when I went there in the 1960's. Once I got looking into the name, I found that there was a larger group than I had expected, with early generations in Haldimand and part of them moving west but a family in Cobourg as well. The work is not done, of course, but I was glad to have this family represented more accurately in my data. Anyone who can assist with this, please feel free.


During research on the History of Codrington it was evident that there were Ingram's in the immediate Codrington area in the 1900's. A very helpful email contact sent me much info re the family tree of this group and that info is now in my data. Much of it includes more recent generations which are not published but the earlier generations which were located in Seymour Township are much better developed now. Thanks so much for the input.

Jones/Shortt of Cobourg/Brighton

Another email contact provided details re the Jones family of Cobourg and the connected Short family of Brighton. Charles Short (1793-1849) was Collector of Customs at Presq'Isle for many years and his daughter, Mary Louisa Short, married George Elias Jones from Cobourg. Thanks for that info and anyone else who can add to it, feel free

Wilson in Percy Twp.

Lots of research for families in the Percy area had left numerous unconnected Wilson names. Further work on this name resulted in a clearer view of the family of Samuel and Jessie Wilson and the subsequent connections between their kids and other families in the area including Skinkle, White and Patterson. This is a work-in-progress, obviously, but it's a start. Anyone who can help with this, please chip in.

What's New - September 2, 2008

The last few months have included some holidays that had nothing at all to do with genealogy and history - and that was good. Before that I worked hard to finish a history of Codrington, handed over to the folks who are planning to publish a large collection of local history.

Some genealogy was done over this time and it was mostly based on two books that I reviewed in detail. One was "History of the Settlement of Upper Canada (Ontario) With Special Reference to the Bay of Quinte" by William Canniff. This classic was purchased online from Glogal Genealogy as soon as I saw that it was available; it had been a useful source at the major libraries but I was hoping I could have a copy at home. It will take a year to process the details in this book with a view to enhancing the information for many people already in my data.

The other book is smaller but turned out to be very useful. The title is "Inheritance: Ontario's Century Farms; Past and Present" by John and Monica Ladell. This book was in my collection several years ago and I lent it out, only obtaining it back this summer by chance. After all the work of the last years, rereading this book highlighted much useful information. It contains a good section on the Moreland family of Frontenac and Prince Edward Counties. There is especially good information for the early couple James and Jane Moreland. There is also a section on Glengarry County which touches on the many Chisholm families of that area - who must be related in some way to the Chisholm's who ended up in Thurlow and Sidney Townships and are well representing in my data. Another very interesting section deals with early settlers in Asphodel and Otonabee Townships of Peterborough County. It includes good information regarding Richard Birdsall, surveyor of Asphodel and area and husband of a Burnham from Cobourg. His descendants include a connection to the Elmhirst family of Otonabee - a connection to my Buchanan's in Ashodel.


A nice bit of work was done on the Palmateer name, mostly focussing around Cramahe and Percy Townships. This name is connected to many early settlers of the area including Dingman, Puffer, Hawley, Cole and many others. I processed the early Percy and Cramahe Townships census records for Palmateer and found much related info in other places. Much of the early connections are still rather uncertain but hopefully this is a good step. Anyone who can help - please pass on whatever would add to the info.

What's New - May 14, 2008

Web site design has not changed much this time except for a small difference in the "What's New" section.

Tweedsmuir Histories of Codrington:(THC) In the last week I finished processing the Tweedsmuir Histories - for the second time. Having gone through over 1,500 pages that I printed off microfilm, I went through them again to use items related to families and individuals that I worked on based on information I found the first time. I think it's fair to say I won't get too much more information from these pages as they are; I need to see the originals now.

Names Worked On

Plue: Several THC items provided the connection I needed to connect Adrian Plue of Orland to his sister Anna Plue who was the wife of John Edward Houlihan. With a bit of research I was able to come across interesting info re earlier generations of this family.

Nelson: During investigations re arranging access to the original books of the THC I was reminded of the Nelson's of the Holland School area. Some research helped filled out these families a bit.

Latimer: The name of Latimer had often come up re Orland, especially when I found the picture albums in the Codrington Library showing many portrait-type snapshots of people and their cars taken in front of the Latimer store in Orland during the 1930's and 1940's. I figured out that these pictures were taken buy Hugh Latimer, son of William who had originally been storekeeper at that place. I was glad to find marriage connections that allowed me to add this family to my database.

Goodrich/Williams/Tupper: Due to an email contact I added some info to the Williams family of Cramahe which includes a very interesting connection to a Tupper family in Haldimand which could, if I am ambitious some day, lead to a connection to Charles Tupper a Prime Minister of Canada.

McMann/Harvey: Some earlier generations of the name McMann came to light as I was trying to see if I could add the Harvey family of Codrington. Connections are still a bit uncertain but it's a start.

What's New - March 18, 2008

Web Site Look and Feel

The obvious thing that is new this time is the design of the web site. At the risk of getting fancy on you, I figured it was OK to utilize a very simple feature of Second Site Version 2 to provide consistent formatting of all pages, including those extra things like The Old Percy Road. Hopefully it won't annoy the serious researcher and we can evolve a bit.

In fact, the main reason I upgraded to Version 2 is because I purchased a new computer system in January which has Vista as the operating system. The Master Genealogist had to be upgraded to Verison 7 to fit the OS and therefore Second Site Version 2 was required to work with the new data format in TMG 7. Isn't it fun?

Second Site is the program that takes data out of my genealogy database and creates web pages I can dump on Until now I have jiggered some web pages using my own amateurish attempts at html coding, simply to make a home page from which we can go to Genealogy and History. I want to evolve those two areas separately. Right now there is much Genealogy and not much history - but that will change soon, I hope. With that in mind, I read the "What's New" for Version 2 of Second Site with much interest. It now has a structured environment which allows me to build a complete web site, including that main page at the top, without doing much html programming. Now if I can only learn what things to use and how to use them, I'd have a beautiful web site. Don't worry, there will be no singing and dancing on my site - just information.

Some of My Main Research of Late

I thought it would be useful to provide a brief list of the main family names I have been working on leading up to this publishing. There won't be much detail, just a suggestion of areas that might show new info. Hope this is useful.

Woof: Closest to home, I did major work on the Woof's of Mount Olivet. This came from a family history document I found in The Tweedsmuir Histories and resulted in much more info for this group, especially in the earliest settler generation which was sort of thin before now.

Loomis: Close to home again, the Loomis name is directly connected to the Woof's so the document mentioned above also included much information re the Loomis clan that settled west of Orland.

Bettes: This is a Brighton early settler who turned out be connected in multiple ways to the Loomis family. There is also a connection to my Goodfellow bunch but the new info here was about the Bettes merchant families who settled in Brighton in the early 1800's and carried on much commerce and real estate activity for many decades, marrying in to many other families in the town and area. Many of the Bettes families went back the States over time - including the ones connected to my Goodfellows - so they are hard to trace. In any case, the Bettes name in my data is much improved.

Newcomb: Due to email communications with Newcomb descendants as well as research for our history book, I looked more deeply into the involvement of the Newcomb people in Orland - originally named Newcomb's Mills since two Newcomb brothers built the mill there. As a result, the family tree is much more complete. Land records are included to solidify our knowledge of exactly who was where when.

Peister: Again, The Tweedsmuir Histories of Codrington provided impetus for a major research session on the Peister name. In particular,the early connections with area families. Also, I was able to fill out the family of Harper Peister (he was the youngest son) who is a guy I knew growing up at Codrington.

Vansicklin: There are various spellings for this name but connections with the Peisters are unmistakable. Family reunion reports from the newspaper in The Tweedsmuir Histories got me going on this one, and to good effect. Early connections in Lawson Settlement and around Smithfield and Brighton help fill out this and other connected families.

Dorland: This is a huge family with obvious local content. We grew up going to school with Dorland's and our parents were involved in church and community activities with them. I had lots of Dorland names in my data but many were not connected so I went looking for other researcher's work and found lots. Adding census and registration info filled out the many far-flung trees to good effect. This will grow in the future, I expect.

Pettit: Sometimes I get working on Prince Edward County families and just can't stop. The Pettit's are another important early settler on the Hillier, Hallowell areas and they are connected to many I have worked on before - Garratt, Ferguson, Simpson, Dorland and many more. Hopefully we can work out some uncertain areas in the early families of this group.